An Ode to Editors



Where would writers be without our beloved editors? I’m a writer, not an editor. That may become more apparent to you as you read this post further. There is bound to be a typo or an ill structured sentence here and there. Some folks can do both well – edit and write – but I’m not there yet. Sure I edit and improve my work draft by draft, however I need a focused watchful eye to kindly suggest there may be a better word choice or to remove that completely unnecessary comma.


I chuckle when I see the latest How to Earn Money as a Writer email that recommends becoming an editor to pay the bills. The best thing for me is to sell my work and allow a true editor to work their magic.


However, even before my work is seen by a professional editor I have three people in my life who read and constructively critic my work.


First, my husband (who is an excellent writer himself), he will stop his work in the middle of the day and give me suggestions on how to clean up an article or a cover letter. He also has great insight into content editing. In other words, he tells me when something in the plot doesn’t make sense.


Second, my friend Tracy, who currently has her hands on my fantasy chapter book. I have been delighted with the changes she has suggested so far. Nothing major, rather concise punctuation and grammatical tweaks. She even takes it a step further and politely explains why. Here is an example.


 Edit Insert


Third, our friend and colleague Ken. He edits our self-published picture book series before we send them off to Amazon. We are often on a time crunch and he gets the story revised in a timely manner, no matter how busy he may be.


I have great appreciation for these three and for the professional editors who make our work shine even brighter. I graciously thank you.

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