The Tension Inbetween



Artists are...

This is my life!

As I finished up a wellness consult with a friend a few weeks ago, I mentioned how much fun I was having sharing essential oils. Although, it takes a lot of energy for this introvert. And she said, “You’re an introvert?” Uh, ya! I’m most comfortable behind a book or behind a computer writing my own book then anything else. So, I took her comment as a compliment. I’m progressing!

I desire to communicate verbally because through that face-to-face interaction you can get to the heart of what someone really needs. When you know what someone needs you can genuinely help them. That’s what I seek to do –help people. And when I get the chance (which it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon) I will hide, just long enough to replenish my energy to communicate some more.

How do you communicate best?

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