The Mightiest



Who are you? Are you a MIGHTY one?

We are all warriors at times. Some of us stand up for causes; others, for their friends. A handful of people see fit to fight with their fists or weapons. How do you fight for what you believe in?

For the believer, the war is one of a supernatural nature – fought on our knees. We know that “…we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12, NLT). A supernatural battle wages all around us, constantly, making us all spiritual warriors. The question is – are you a MIGHTY one?

So, what constitutes a MIGHTY warrior?  Second Samuel speaks of David’s MIGHTIEST men – Jashobeam, Eleazar and Shammah. All three engaged in physical war against their enemy the Philistines. However, the record of these men and their noble feats can reveal to us some spiritual warfare truths.

The MIGHTIEST fight even if they find themselves alone in the battle.

Jashobeam “…once used his sword to kill 800 enemy warriors in a single battle” (2 Samuel 23:8). I find it interesting that there is no mention of the other warriors in this account. Apparently, sometimes you have to fight alone. You must pray and seek the Lord regardless if anyone else is on your side or approves of your efforts. But I do know this, when you find yourself alone you can be confident of this, “…that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again” (Philippians 1:6).  The truth is you as a MIGHTY one are never really alone as God is fighting with you and He will finish it.

The MIGHTIEST come in agreement with one another and give the glory to God.

The next warrior is Eleazar, who fought with King David by his side. “Eleazar and David stood against the Philistines when the Israelite army had fled” (2 Samuel 23:9). Sometimes you need to align yourself with the right people who will fight alongside you. Eleazar and David stood together and the Word of God clearly tells us that, “… where two or three gather together because they are mine, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). When we come together in unity with fellow believers God can do great things amongst us.

Second Samuel continues on to say that Eleazar, “…killed philistines until his hand was too tired to lift his sword, and the Lord gave him a great victory that day. The rest of the army did not return until it was time to collect the plunder” (2 Samuel 23:10). At times it is important to separate yourself from the crowd, who wants the glory for themselves. You and those standing in agreement will intensely and consistently pray and wait on the Lord’s response. When the response comes and your life or another’s is filled with victory, the crowd will return. The crowd will take the credit but you are a MIGHTY one and you know to whom the glory should be given.

The MIGHTIEST hold their ground when the unexpected arises.

Shammah was prepared for the unforeseen battle. “One time the Philistines gathered at Lehi and attacked the Israelites in a field full of lentils. The Israelite army fled, but Shammah held his ground in the middle of the field and beat back the Philistines. So the Lord brought about a great victory” (2 Samuel 23:11-12). A field of lentils was an unlikely place of attack. The enemy will try to defeat us in a fortuitous moment. That’s why Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to “…pray in the Spirit on occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” We must be alert and ready for the surprise attacks from our enemy. And when they come, as they most assuredly will, we must hold our ground as Shammah did. You, the MIGHTY one will persevere and beat back the devious enemy.

You can be a MIGHTY warrior.

army in war

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