A Real Struggle Made a Little Easier



I posted the following on my personal Facebook page and was hesitant to post it here in a more public place. But then I thought, there are others feeling the same way right now and if I can bring a glint of encouragement or a perhaps a cathartic cry to someone in need, it is worth the exposure.


Thank you to all the people out there who made this mother’s day special for even me. Someone who has been trying to have a baby for over two years. Thank you to the people who make this very real (monthly) struggle a little easier with a kind word or acknowledgement.

Today my husband still told me Happy Mother’s Day, my mother-in-love gave me a gift intended to be from my fur-baby, which is silly and sweet. My friends who just found out they were pregnant were sensitive and caring enough to call us first before surprising us with the news at their party — just to make sure I would be okay. Those are some awesome friends and I am so happy for them and their little blueberry. 

And even though I can’t even write this post without tears washing over my face, I know that there are people who are praying for me and thinking of me on this day.

God is always faithful in his timing. I expected to have been married by my early twenties (I was married at the age of 30), I hoped to have a book published by my late twenties (which would never have happened because I hadn’t written one yet. That just happened, age 34), my babies were supposed to come shortly after the early twenties marriage… so we’ll see… Everything God has blessed me with has never come when I wanted it to and yet it was the perfect timing.

And the coolest thing that happened today — I felt my nephew kick inside my sister-in-loves pregnant belly. Life is honest and amazing…

And here is my sweet fur-baby doing some darling tricks. 🙂

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