When I think about forgiveness, I think about the big things — hurts, wrongs, insults — either received or given. And as my savior did for me I forgive and release the traumatic thing back to God. Then my chest loosens and I feel peaceful once again.

But, what I find difficult to forgive myself for are the little things. Why didn’t I write today? Uh, man, I forgot to send that email! Or heaven forbid, A typo! in a project already sent out. No matter your profession you may fling around these kinds of thoughts. I can’t believe I haven’t started that yet. I didn’t have enough time today. And on and on it goes.

Today, I encourage you to let it go. No one is perfect and there is not a one-size-fits-all way to live this life. Just like there is not an instruction manual on how and when and what to write. When I let myself work it out and stop trying to be standardized with all other writers, I find I enjoy the process, my process of writing.

The following blog by addresses why the most common piece of writing advice (write every day) may not work for you and that is okay.

He says: “I forgive myself for not sitting down to write sooner, for taking yesterday off, for living my life. That shame? I release it. My body unclenches; a new lightness takes over once that burden has floated off. There is room, now, for story, idea, life. I put my hands on the keyboard and begin.”

Check it out here:

Forgive yourself today.


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